Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary

One of the things that I love about lens ball photography, is that it forces me to look at what is in front of me from a different perspective. It challenges me to create a composition that brings out the extraordinary in the ordinary. And often, I'm very surprised by the outcome - like this... Continue Reading →

Photo-a-day #4: Aurora Hunting

I am finally getting around to post-processing the northern lights photos that I took in the arctic Tromsø area (Norway and Finland) in 2018. Here is a teaser - more will follow soon.

Photo-a-day #3: Board walks of Yellowstone

When you go on 3-month road trip, you expect that it will be hard to pick your favorite spot out of all the places you visited. That it will be kill your darlings when asked to name one place that you would visit again. And don't get me wrong, there are many places I would... Continue Reading →

Photo-a-day #2: Solitude in the Great Smokey Mountains

Today's inspiration for my photo-a-day post came from Leya's Lens-Artists Challenge #176: one image/one story. She challenges us this week to post a photo that tells a story. When I read her challenge, this photo of me and my (late) dog Menno immediately came to mind. I then realized that it is also perfect for... Continue Reading →

Photo-a-day #1: Lens ball in iron gate

In January 2020, I made my last personal international trip before COVID-19 got a hold of the world and international traveling got to a grinding stop. I miss traveling! A lot! During this trip, I visited the east coast of the USA; road tripping in a rental car and crashing at friends places. On the... Continue Reading →

A whole new adventure — the first month of my road trip through the USA

Three years ago, I moved to the USA with 5 suitcases and the intention to live and work in Washington DC for at least two years. It has been quite the adventure, and even though I was able to extent it with a third year, a great job opportunity is now causing me to move... Continue Reading →

On Passion, Principles and Changing the World

Last weekend, I met a very interesting guy, a philosopher. We connected over a few beers in the pub, and when I walked him home, he offered me another drink at his place. There, we talked the night away. Or should I say, he talked the night away and I listened (mostly). Which I might... Continue Reading →

Tourist in my own city: the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

It's been almost a year since I wrote a post on this blog and what a year it has been. I hit the one-year-recovery-from-depression mark, landed a job in Washington DC and moved to the USA. It sure was an eventful year and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Inspired by the I Heart My City... Continue Reading →

A word a week photo challenge: the favourite mountain

This is the last post in my Weekly Writing Challenge: Using Forms Creatively trilogy. The challenge was to use a custom form in a post and write a second post based on the information you collect from your form. I added a custom form to my submission for the Word a week challenge: Mountain, asking my readers to pick... Continue Reading →

A word a week photo challenge: Mountain, the half time score

Last Monday, I published a selection of mountain photos as my submission for the Word a week challenge: Mountain. As part of the Weekly Writing Challenge from the Daily Post, I added a form at the end of my post asking my readers about their favourite photo in my submission. On Friday, I will publish... Continue Reading →

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