Water mark and label your photos for Pinterest!

Yesterday a thunder-storm was coming in and drove me away from my balcony and inside my home. When I was all set up to finally catch up with my Pinterest account and write another blog post, my internet quitted on me. Aghhh!!!

So tonight, once again I’m sitting outside on my balcony. And again they have predicted thunder and rain, but so far it’s muggy, cloudy, but dry and no thunder and lightning yet. So I’m staying out here on my balcony and am all ready for some blogging.

While I was checking my Pins on Pinterest, I came across this awesome post from I am baker about “How to label pictures for Pinterest?“, which I found very useful. Of course I had to try it out, which resulted in this blog post on the subject. I added some comments on water marking your photos as well.

How to make your photo’s more suitable for Pinterest:

Label your photos and post!

Pinterest uses the titles from your post AND your photos to automatically generate text for the description area of a pin. So, choose the titles of your photo AND your post wisely! Pinterest will use either one of them as text in the description of the pin. Most pinners will not change the automatically generated text in the description box if it’s a fitting and appealing text.

Pinterest description box

When pinning with the pinterest button at the bottom of your post, Pinterest uses the first photo and the title of your post.
When pinning with the Pin It button on your toolbar, Pinterest uses the title of the photo you choose (see photo above).

I like to add the title of my blog to the title of my photo, so it will pop up in the description box op Pinterest as well.

Water mark your photos:

It’s always good to water mark your photos. It doesn’t prevent others from downloading and using your photos, but at least you get the credits for it!

I like to water mark my photos with the URL of my blog. In that way, people will get redirected to my blog when they see my photos pop up somewhere.

The photos above have been water marked with PicMonkey. See my post on “how to make your own blog header or facebook  cover photo using PicMonkey” for more details.

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