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I just saw this amazing idea on Week to Pin by Emily Henkel. Instead of just collecting interesting pins on Pinterest, we could actually try them out. Don’t we all have loads of inspiring DIY, crafts, Jewelry making, Photography, blogging, etc pins on our boards. Pins that we would love to try out sometime….some day…

Well, Emily Henkel proposes that we should do a Pinterest challenge week. Pick 7 pins you want to try out, one for each day in the week. And try them out, make photos of the process and results, write a blog post about it…..are they the success you hoped for. And then, come full circle and publish your blog post on Pinterest, using the tag #weektopin. You can even publish them on her blog if you want to!

This challenge is the perfect description of why I started this blog. Over the last year, when I was on sick leave because of a depression, I rediscovered my creative side. Even though my time is sparse, now that I’m working fulltime again, I do want to stay in touch with my creative side. So, to inspire and motivate myself to keep indulging myself in creative outbursts, I started this blog. And how better to inspire and motivate myself, then to try out some of those inspiring pins I have collected over time. Thanks Emily for the great idea!

Although, I won’t be doing 7 pins in a week. I’m going to tweak this Pinterest challenge, by choosing one pin (or a combination of pins) per week that I will try out and blog about. So, time to check Pinterest for my first challenge!!

My first Pin-a-Week-Challenge:

The original pin:

Creativity with Crayons | Alisa Burke
Check out her amazing blog!

Use oil pastel crayons as a resist with water colors.

Draw a design in white or color with your crayons.

Then paint over it with water colors. And watch your design appear.

I have tried this before with water based ink (ecoline). And the results were awesome! I can’t wait to try it with water colors. Why didn’t I think of that option myself?!?!

I will try it out tonight and post the results later this weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Pinterest challenge

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    1. I love doing these pinterest challenges. It keeps me from only collecting pins and not doing anything with them. My idea was stolen from Emily Henkel. She tries to do a pin every day! For me, it was immediately very clear that I wouldn’t have the time to do a pin-a-day. So, I thought I would do a pin-a-week. But I struggle even to do one a week. I will definitely follow your efforts in 2013. And maybe I can learn something from you and get a bit closer to my original goal of a pin-a-week. Good luck!

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