How do they do it…

…the super moms, the career women, the bloggers with an active life…

How do they do it?

Where do they find the time?

The time to live a life!

The time to clean their house!

The time to play with their children!

The time to work fulltime!

The time to meet with friends!

The time to meet with family!

The time to cook a decent meal every evening!

The time to do grocery shopping!

The time to have a hobby, a craft, a sport!

The time to read a good book!

The time to water the plants!

The time to travel!

The time to do absolutely nothing!

And above all

The time to do it all!

And then,

they even find time to blog about it!

All I can do is wonder,

how to they do it!

I manage to do all of these things, sometimes, but definitely not all in the same week! I applaud those who can and I can only wonder what their secret is.

Since two weeks, I’m back to work fulltime again after being (partly) on sick leave over the last year. I love being back to work, but at the end of the week, I’m completely knackered!

I try to meet up with friends or family at least once a week.

And okay, I read a book every evening in bed before I fall asleep. Although nowadays, it often takes me less than one page to fall a sleep.

Do you know the moment you want to go and sit on your balcony to enjoy the evening sun with a cup of tea or an ice-cold beer and a good book, just to discover you totally neglected the plants on your balcony and they are completely and utterly dried out and about to die. It happens to me all the time.

Cleaning the house only gets priority when I know I have visitors coming over. Often I look around and can only hope I won’t get any unexpected visitors. I know the answer is in keeping it clean. It’s way less work to clean a clean house than a house that looks like a bomb went of. But I just seem to miss the discipline, energy and time.

So, where to find the time and energy (!) to do all this stuff. Thank god for pre-fab dishes at the supermarket and take-away pizzas.

For me, for now, I just settle with the thought that at least I manage to do them all at least once a month.

To all of you super moms, career women, bloggers, out there,

who do seem to be able to do it all: Please enlighten me and let me in on the secret!

Until I’m in on the secret,

I guess I will just have to settle for putting up this note and just live my life the best way possible!


This weekend,

I went out to live my life! I visited my hometown for the yearly fair. I enjoyed reading, painting, making jewelry, a family barbecue, drinking beers and partying with old friends and family. A lovely long weekend! Photos of the party, the painting and jewelry will follow soon!

The downside,

I didn’t do any cleaning (again!) and I forgot my balcony plants to discover them utterly dry today (again!). However, I did go out to live my life and enjoyed it! I even found the time to blog about it tonight!

Maybe the secret is

to just enjoy the things you do and not to worry about the things you don’t do. Tomorrow is another day, another chance…

2 thoughts on “How do they do it…

Add yours

  1. Hi, what a thoughtful post! I am a mom of 2 girls, and even though they go to daycare 3 days a week, I’m still struggling with getting all things done.And I have lots of help: I have a cleaning lady, and even then I am struggling with getting things done. I don’t serve a freshly cooked meal every day, but I usually try to. To me, cleaning is not my priority: my children are, my husband is, I am a priority. So that;s how I do it: I don’t. And that’s OK because who said you should?

    1. Hi Olga, thanks for your reply. Somehow it is comforting to know, I’m not the only one struggling with cleaning my house or serving a freshly cooked meal every day. Maybe, I should look over my financial details and see if I can afford a cleaning lady 🙂

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