How I am going to do it!

Earlier this week, I was wondering how to find the time, energy and discipline to do it all!

For this weekend, I have decided to focus on the things I love.

Do what makes you happy!
source: lostbirdfound

Things I love,

and am going to do this weekend!

  • cook a home-made meal every evening (tomorrow: lemon-grass chili noodles and chicken)
  • visiting the Firework Festival in Scheveningen with my good friend Vessi
  • drinking beers and flirting with fun bartenders and other single men with my friends Molly and Damini
  • finishing my first batch of resin jewelry (a project started last weekend)
  • trying some new polymer clay techniques for my pinterest challenge
  • trying artjournaling prompts for my pinterest challenge
  • blogging about it on Sunday evening

Pinterest challenge:

Pinterest challenge: artjournaling creative prompts     Pinterest challenge: Artjournal

Watercolor techniques and fun shapes     Pinterest challenge - extruder techniques

Pinterest challenge - stroppel cane     Pinterest challenge - striped sheet tutorial

And hopefully,

this will give me enough energy and time to do some of the “necessary” things that I definitely not love!

  • clean my kitchen
  • tidy up my living room
  • vacuum clean my house
  • water my balcony plants
  • pay my bills
  • clean the cat litter box

These are must do’s, since I’m getting visitors next Wednesday and Thursday. I hope that by posting them here as goals for the weekend, I will feel obligated to actually perform these minor chores. Let’s wait and see how proudly I can post my accomplishments on Sunday evening.

How do you find the time, energy and discipline to do it all?

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