Lost in thoughts!

Sometimes I just get overwhelmed by all the crazy ideas in my head. So many thoughts, so many plans…so little action.

Here are some random thoughts that whizzed through my head this weekend:

  • wow, it’s super nice weather I should go outside and enjoy it
  • hmm, I need to clean my house though
  • oh, and do the laundry
  • wait a minute, I also have to pay my bills
  • and before I forget, I want to make some jewelry this weekend
  • I should go shopping
  • I need to cook some home-made meals this weekend
  • oh, I want to try out some new polymer clay techniques
  • let’s read some more about art journaling, the photos on Pinterest look awesome
  • OMG, I definitely need to tidy up my storage room
  • and I still haven’t constructed the night stand from Ikea (yes, I have only 1 night stand next to my bed, the other one is still in the box in my kitchen and has been for a couple of months now)
  • I still have the resin jewelry that needs finishing
  • I would love to sit on my balcony, but that means facing the fact that I didn’t water my plants for 2 weeks…
  • and the kitchen is a mess as well
  • yes! there are some fun Olympic Games matches on tv, let’s watch that
  • I need to start planning my holiday to SE-Asia
  • I’m so tired!

In the end, there are so many things I feel like I should be doing and so many things I would love to be doing, that my mind never seems to shut up. And I can’t seem to be able to make up my mind where to start. I end up sitting on my sofa, watching television, thinking of what I should do, and meanwhile not doing a single thing. I just get overwhelmed!

I am still getting used to working fulltime again. Which basically means, I’m very tired during the weekends. So in a way, it’s understandable why I get overwhelmed by everything I want to do. And I must say, sometimes it’s just frustrating to realise that Idon’t have the energy to do it all at the moment. I guess I will just have to accept that. So this weekend, besides doing some of the things of the list above and watching television on my sofa, I did sleep a lot. I think I must have slept at least half of the weekend.

It’s not all bad…

I love the feeling of waking up happy and full of energy to start the day! There used to be days, I just wanted to put my head back under the covers and wish for the day to be over. Nowadays I wake up happy, alive and kicking! Such a difference, such a huge accomplishment. Sometimes, I just want to scream on top of my longs: I FEEL GOOD!

Friday after work, I cooked a lovely dinner; lemon grass chili chicken with noodles! Delicious! Afterwards, I went to the beach in Scheveningen to watch the Fireworks Festival with some of my friends. The fireworks were amazing! And so was the company! We had so much fun, watching the fireworks and dancing at the beach club afterwards.

The plan for this weekend was to cook three home-cooked meals. But Saturday I just went for junk food. I was so tired, slept all afternoon, my kitchen was still a mess from the day before and I really didn’t feel like shopping for groceries and cleaning my kitchen. Not healthy, but tasty non the less.

Today, after spending another morning on my sofa, not knowing where to start, I made the decision to just limit myself to three things today. Tidying up my house, cooking and creating some jewelry. That helped, big time! I acknowledged the fact that I just can’t do it all! I will have to make choices!

Make choices – It works!

I ended up with a clean kitchen, a tidy house, a delicious home cooked dinner (chili con carne), and some polymer clay canes for my jewelry. A perfect day! I even watered all my plants (let’s hope they will come back to life) and worked on my jewelry on my balcony the whole evening. I can’t wait to finish some pendants, rings and bracelets tomorrow with todays canes!

I only wished I started earlier, so I wouldn’t be finishing this blog post way past my bedtime! Well, lesson learned for next weekend…

Happiness project!

I recently read about the Happiness Project on A Happier Emiliy and Happiness-Project. I’ve been thinking about it since. The happiness project is about setting goals and working on these goals in little tiny steps. It’s similar to what I learned in therapy. I find it very interesting and inspiring. And it relates to my decision to start making choices!

My choice for this week is to start my own Happiness Project! I will document my progress and experiences here on this blog.

Who wants to join me? We can share experiences, support eachother in difficult moments and rejoice in eachothers happiness! 

This weekend in pictures

Fireworks Festival Scheveningen 2012

Polymer Clay Canes
Polymer clay canes

2 thoughts on “Lost in thoughts!

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  1. I often feel the same way! I have so many thoughts for new blog posts, and other projects, that I hardly manage to realize all the things I want to do. But at least I still manage to do somet of the things I have in mind.

    1. Hi Olga, I have so many awesome ideas, I wish I just had the time and energy to do them all. But you’re right, at least we get some of them done! One of the reasons I started blogging is to inspire myself to do at least some of the things I have in mind.

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