Things I wish I were able to tell my younger self

If only I were able to travel back in time, I would whisper to the little child in me: "No worries, everything will be fine! You know, when your parents send you to your room, it's not because they don't love you anymore. It just means you have been naughty and deserve a time out.... Continue Reading →

Travel theme: Spooky

Four years ago, I went on a course for my work: Understanding Dike Safety. On the last day we went on an excursion. When I signed up for the course, they mentioned that the excursion would be a bus ride to some of the highlights of the Dutch flood defence system. But at the start... Continue Reading →

Meditation challenge 2012: Creating Abundance

Over the last two months I've been following a mindfulness course. Mindfulness is all about meditation, learning to live in the here-and-now, and focussing your attention. I loved the peace and calm the breathing and meditation exercises brought me. But sometimes I'm so busy, that I just forget to make time for my meditation. Therefor,... Continue Reading →

Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

This weeks photo challenge from The Daily Post is Foreign. I went through my photos looking for things out of the ordinary and for things typical for a country. One of the fun things of traveling is discovering new cultures and environments. In the end, I decided to go for typically Scottish. Typically Scottish  ... Continue Reading →

Cherishing the darkest times in my life

Fighting with yourself is a battle you can never win For a large part of my life, I've been fighting depression, struggling with insecurities and worrying about fitting in.To be honest, I've been in denial and fighting against myself since puberty. Last year, I hid rock bottom. I was so tired of fighting, I gave... Continue Reading →

Travel theme: couples

Another inspiring challenge: Travel theme - couples from "Where's my backpack?". I love her travel themes. I had a lot of  fun going through my photos looking for couples! I found plenty and decided to post a few in this gallery. Couples Favourite My favourite is the one with the two young monks on the street... Continue Reading →

Weekly photo challenge: sunset silhouettes

Inspired by the weekly photo challenge of the Daily Post, I decided to post a gallery of Sunset Silhouettes. Going through my photos I found some awesome sunsets from different travels and sunny evenings at the beach after work. Let me know what you think of them! Related posts on Travel Inspire Create: Weekly photo... Continue Reading →

New layout for my blog

I have just spend the entire evening changing the layout of my blog. I quite like the end result. I love the emphasis on the photos on the front page. The separate fields for each post give it a clean look, without getting too harsh because of the rounded corners. I am, however, considering going... Continue Reading →

Travel theme: On Display

Recently I discovered an awesome travel blog: Where's my backpack? by Aisla. She has a fun weekly challenge called "Travel Theme". This weeks challenge is called "On Display". Another challenge to participate in. This week's challenge Travel theme: On Display Posted on October 12, 2012 No matter where you go, there’s always something for sale somewhere. The items... Continue Reading →

Weekly photo challenge: Big

Last week, I participated for the first time in the Weekly photo challenge of The Daily Post at WordPress, with the happy challenge. I liked being part of a bigger challenge, shared with other bloggers. Also, it challenged me to look at my photos differently. It was like seeing my photos through new eyes. I like it!... Continue Reading →

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