It is time for another Travel Theme Photo Challenge. For this week’s theme “Multiples”, I decided to use photos shot in the Netherlands. I had plenty of multiples to choose from.

Orange, our national colour

On Queensday and on game days of our national football team, the Dutch love to dress up in orange. Whole streets colour orange and stadiums are transformed into a sea of orange. I have to admit, we do go a bit crazy. Every two years, when there is a European or World Championship tournament, Guus Meeuwis (a Dutch singer) gives a concert in a football stadium.They show the match on big screens in the stadium, followed by an amazing concert. And of course, everybody is dressed in orange.

Orange crazyness


In yesterday’s post, I wrote about the world heritage site Kinderdijk. This location is famous for its multiple windmills. If you ever visit the Netherlands, I can definitely recommend a visit to Kinderdijk. The windmills are impressive!

Multiple windmills at Kinderdijk

Winter lights in Delft

I live in the city Delft. It’s an old and typical Dutch city, with old Dutch style houses. Every winter, the tree in front of this pub is filled with beautiful lights. I love it. A couple of winters, on a cold winter evening, I just had to photograph them.

Winter lights in Delft Winter lights in Delft

Old bicycles

We Dutch love our bicycles. One of the most photographed places in the Netherlands must be the bicycle parking at the Amsterdam train station. However, being a local, I have never photographed this enormous amount of bicycles. I do have another bicycle photo to share with you, though. A couple of years ago, on a bachelorette party, we went cycling on old style bicycles. Hilarious, since your pedals are connected to your front wheel, which makes it rather difficult to ride these bicycles.

Old style bicycles


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  1. Love the photos – what a great way to showcase the multiples!

  2. Sas says:

    I used to work with lots of Dutch people in Rhodes, Greece. I have never seen so much orange as when the Dutch football team were playing. I’m from Blackpool, England originally and our local team wear orange to so it’s my favourite colour! I love the photo of the lanterns in the tree too 🙂

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