This is the last post in my Weekly Writing Challenge: Using Forms Creatively trilogy. The challenge was to use a custom form in a post and write a second post based on the information you collect from your form. I added a custom form to my submission for the Word a week challenge: Mountain, asking my readers to pick their favourite mountain photo and tell me why it’s their favourite photo. Two days ago I posted a half time score of the voting.

Using the form added an extra dimension to participating in the photo challenge. I have always loved participating in these photo challenges. They force me to look at my photos from a different perspective. It’s like seeing my photos for the first time all over again. The comments from my readers gave an extra layer to this new perspective. It was really inspiring to hear what my readers like in my photos. Some of their comments were very sophisticated and made it look like I actually know a lot about photography. They made me feel very proud of my photos, simply taken with a compact camera, not hindered by any expert knowledge.

The feedback

Here are some of the comments I received:

Glencoe no1:

It was so hard to choose, especially between your favorite and the one I eventually picked. I love the stillness you captured in Scotland 1. The lake is a perfect mirror for the landscape to look into. Love it.

Cinque Terre no3:

The layout of the town at this angle, the extra colors, it all works very well. Not the typical landscape, it has something more. It’s just close enough to give intimacy into the town, but not so close as to be intrusive. Lovely!

Khao Yai:

I like the sense of depth and the contrast with the sky.

Glencoe no3:

This my favourite due to the sheer scope and panorama the photograph provides. You get the sense of scale that these magnificent mountains have, and think it is such a lovely scene!

The favourites

When I chose my favourite photo I doubted between two photos, before eventually picking my favourite. I guess their must have been some quality in both photos, because they tied for the position of favourite mountain photo. The favourites of my readers are

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre no3 (Italy)

Glencoe - Three Sisters

Glencoe no3 – Three Sisters (Scotland)


2 responses »

  1. bwbears says:

    Love the panoramic shot.

  2. Evon LaGrou says:

    Annegien –

    I love the way you challege yourself! You inspire me and I can’t wait to read what you have to say next. To show you how much I like your blog I have nominated you for the Most Inspirational Blog Award. You can find more about the award on

    I hope you enjoy this experience of nominating others as much as I did! I look forward to following your travels.

    Good luck to you! Evon

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