A whole new adventure — the first month of my road trip through the USA

Three years ago, I moved to the USA with 5 suitcases and the intention to live and work in Washington DC for at least two years. It has been quite the adventure, and even though I was able to extent it with a third year, a great job opportunity is now causing me to move back home to the Netherlands. Fortunately, I was able to negotiate three months of between my old and my new job, and I have decided to spend these three months traveling through the USA in an RV together with my dog Menno…

…and this is how Menno and I drove off in an RV on March 5, 2017.


I haven’t been blogging for the last three years…life took over so to say. However, many friends and family have been urging me to rekindle blog to keep them up to date on my adventures. I promised I would, but I have been on the road now for almost a month and I have found it very hard to find the time and energy to blog. I definitely underestimated how tired I would be after a whole day of driving, day in day out.

Today I was supposed to hit the road again after a rest day yesterday. However, I woke up to rain, thunderstorms and a tornado warning. So, I guess, today will be the day that I start writing on my blog again.

The stats

As a mathematician, I will have to start with an overview of the stats so far:

I have been on the road for 30 days

I have traveled 2,856 miles

I have traveled in 8 states
(Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,
Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana) 

I have taken 1054 photos

I have used 275 gallons of gas

I have managed to stay within my $100 per day budget

I have had to use the heater during freezing nights and the airconditioning during hot days

I have been confronted with two tornado warnings

The highlights

Obviously I will not have the time to write, nor will any of you have the patience to read, about 30 days of travel in one post. We will have to settle for some of the major highlights. Hopefully, I will have the peace of mind after my trip to revisit my memories and write about some of these destinations in more detail in future posts.

Williamsburg, Virginia

My first stop was the historical town of Williamsburg, Virginia. A gorgeous little historical town not that far from DC, that I had weirdly enough not visited yet in my three years in DC. It was an easy drive and a good way to get to know the RV. Menno adjusted quickly and felt at home in the RV almost immediately.

Menno feels right at home

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Williamsburg. The weather was beautiful, but cold (read: freezing) at night. For almost three weeks, I couldn’t use the water in the RV, because it would still freeze at night. This meant I had to do the dishes in the bathroom facilities and had to walk to the bathroom facilities in the middle of the night if I really had to go. As you can imagine, I’m very happy that I finally can use the water tanks in the RV.

If you are into history or are looking for a fun place to take your children, I would definitely recommend a visit to Williamsburg. For me it was the perfect place to wind down from the last stressful and frantic weeks in DC.

If you are not staying within walking distance from the historical town, you can park for free at the visitor center. There is a free shuttle bus between the historical town and the visitor center. However, since they don’t allow dogs on the shuttle bus, I walked the 10-minute walk with Menno. At the visitor center you wil find background information on the colonial time in Williamsburg, information on expositions and events, and you can buy your entrance ticket to the museums. Since I’m traveling with my dog, I didn’t buy any tickets. I still had a great time wandering around the town.


Other highlights – to be expected

Tomorrow is a travel day, which means I have to get up early and be well rested. Unfortunately, Since, I’m new to photo processing in Lightroom, it is taking me too much time to process photos of the other highlights of my first month on the road. Therefore, I have to call it a night now, but I plan to update this post over the next couple of days to include the other highlights as well.

Sneak peak of what is to be expected: Outer Banks (NC), Charleston (SC), Savannah (GA), Okefenokee Wild Refuge (GA), Smokey Mountains (NC/TN) and the Natchez Trace (TN/AL/MS).


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