How a veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome became my source of inspiration.

About a year ago I started this blog for a few reasons. After a long battle with depression, I finally was forced to face my demons during a year of intensive therapy. I rediscovered myself, my feelings, my creativity and how much fun life can be. At the end of my therapy, I decided to... Continue Reading →

New layout for my blog

I have just spend the entire evening changing the layout of my blog. I quite like the end result. I love the emphasis on the photos on the front page. The separate fields for each post give it a clean look, without getting too harsh because of the rounded corners. I am, however, considering going... Continue Reading →

New layout

Yesterday, I spent all evening changing the theme and layout of my blog. I'm really happy with the end result. It's nice and clean. I love the featured image ruler on the homepage and the archives pages with excerpts and photos. What do you guys think of it?

Pinterest challenge

I just saw this amazing idea on Week to Pin by Emily Henkel. Instead of just collecting interesting pins on Pinterest, we could actually try them out. Don't we all have loads of inspiring DIY, crafts, Jewelry making, Photography, blogging, etc pins on our boards. Pins that we would love to try out sometime....some day... Well, Emily... Continue Reading →

Water mark and label your photos for Pinterest!

Yesterday a thunder-storm was coming in and drove me away from my balcony and inside my home. When I was all set up to finally catch up with my Pinterest account and write another blog post, my internet quitted on me. Aghhh!!! So tonight, once again I'm sitting outside on my balcony. And again they... Continue Reading →

Make your own blog header or Facebook cover photo!

Okay...let's start this blogging business! So after day one and making my first carefull steps into blogging land yesterday, now it's time to really start blogging. First of all. Yay! I have 3 followers! Admitted to of them I am myself. Since I of course had to try out the Follow my blog and Like... Continue Reading →

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