Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

This week's photo challenge from the Daily Post inspired me to write about the loves of my life. Love comes in many different shapes; from people to animals, from old to new, from far away to close by. Love is always around, but most appreciated in difficult times. For me, it took battling a depression... Continue Reading →

Travel theme: couples

Another inspiring challenge: Travel theme - couples¬†from "Where's my backpack?". I love her travel themes. I had a lot of ¬†fun going through my photos looking for couples! I found plenty and decided to post a few in this gallery. Couples Favourite My favourite is the one with the two young monks on the street... Continue Reading →

Dutch summer: living in the moment

Fifth day in row with blue sky, lovely temperatures and sun! Wow, it almost feels like summer. Checking the weather forecast: rain for the whole next week. Ahhh, that's what I get for living in The Netherlands. Live in the moment, enjoy it while it lasts!! Yesterday, I took the last two hours of from... Continue Reading →

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